So, just how much value is there in your street name?


According to the findings, 30% of all homes that sold in the last year had a street name that ended in “Road”.


Whilst the street endings “Close” and “Street” also proved popular, with a combined total of 18% of house sales.


Making up the top five most popular names were “Avenue”, accounting for 7% of sales, and “Drive” not far behind at 6%.


When it comes to the highest average sale prices, however, the tables turn significantly.


Addresses ending in “Hill” topped the table, with a typical price of £335,000.


Despite this, the street ending “Hill” only makes up for 1% of all transactions over the last year.


The next prestigious street name was “Park” at an average price of £272,500, closely followed by “Rise” at £270,000.



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